21st Birthday Ideas

Arguably the most important birthday you’ll ever have, your 21st should be special. In many societies turning twenty one signifies becoming an adult, and many people put a lot of effort into planning the perfect 21st celebration. Below are several ideas for 21st birthdays for both boys and girls.

The 21st Birthday Party

Though probably the most common form of celebration, a large party that different groups of friends and relatives can all attend is popular for a reason. Venues can range from someone’s home to hired hall to a luxury hotel, depending on budget. To make your 21st birthday special and different from the average birthday bash, ask family members and close friends to share memories of you growing up (perhaps one for each year), share highlights in your life so far, and, of course, the ever popular collage of baby photos (or home videos if your parents are really embarrassing!)

To make sure your party goes off without a hitch, make sure all details are taken care of before hand – have someone else do the planning/bookings if need be. If you are going to hire a DJ, make sure you approve the play list before the party – there’s nothing worse than hiring someone who plays completely the wrong type of music. Also make sure the party is invite only, or you may end up with hundreds of gate crashers ruining your night. And lastly, don’t drink too much! It is surprising how many people you overboard with alcohol on their 21st, and can’t remember a thing about the night.

A Fun Setting

If you’re not into big parties, organize (or have someone else organize) a smaller gathering of just your closest friends and family in a special location. For example, a boat cruise, a luxurious dinner in a fancy restaurant, or a limo tour. This way you get to spend time with those closest to you while doing something you wouldn’t normally do. These ideas depend on where you live, and can be adjusted accordingly. If you’re from a large city, the fancy dinner could take place in a restaurant in a skyscraper or fancy resort. For those living in places with a harbor, the boat idea can be a lot of fun, and for those in the country, a beach, park, or entertainment venue will fill the bill.

The Exotic Vacation

Just want to get away? Take a trip with your family, and maybe with one or two close friends. Celebrate your 21st in an exotic location. This again depends on where you live; for those in North America, take a trip to Hawaii, Vegas or the Caribbean, or a ski vacation to the Rockies. If you’re in Europe, spend a few days relaxing on the Mediterranean Coast, and for those in Australasia, spend an exciting week on the Gold Coast or relax on an island in the South Pacific. A trip on a cruise ship is also a special way to spend your 21st.

A Special Event

Love race cars? Airplanes? Extreme sports? If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, do it for you 21st – skydiving or driving a race car would definitely make it a day to remember. Other ideas include taking a scenic flight in a private plane, trying bungee jumping or other extreme sports, going to a concert or show of your favourite band, or a day of pampering at a luxury spa.

The Surprise Birthday

If you still can’t decide, leave it to your parents or friends to arrange your birthday. They know you well, and will most likely come up with a day you’ll never forget.

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