A Bug Themed Birthday Party: How to Have a Very Buggy Birthday

Use the ideas below to throw a “Very Buggy Birthday Party!”


  • Design your own “Cute as a Birthday Bug!” invitations. On a large poster board draw a bumble bee. Cut out the face of the bumble bee and color in the rest of the body and wings with bright colored markers.
  • Have the birthday boy or girl stand behind the poster so that his or her face is showing through. Take a picture with your digital camera and make multiple copies.
  • Glue the photo onto the front of a folded piece of yellow card stock and write, “Cute as a Birthday Bug!” Inside write, “You’re invited to a very buggy birthday party!” and then include the necessary details. Decorate the outside of the envelopes with stickers or bug drawings.


  • At a discount store buy inexpensive bug houses and fill each house with bug shaped animal crackers. Tie a ribbon to the top of each and attach a card with each guest’s name on them.


  • Hot Potato Bug- Create your own potato bug! Hot glue googly eyes and any other silly bug parts that you come up with onto a potato. At the party have the kids sit in a circle and pass around the potato bug. When the music stops whoever is holding the potato bug is out. The last one left is the winner and gets to keep the potato bug.
  • Squash That Bug- Blow up balloons of various colors and shapes. Before tying the end of some of the balloons stick gummy worms inside. Put the balloons on the floor and have the kids “squash” as many bugs as they can before time is called. The one with the most gummy worms is the winner.
  • Bug Hunt- Decorate plastic eggs with bug stickers and fill with candy. Hide them outside or in a separate area in your house. Have all of the kids hunt for the bugs using plastic magnifying glasses and bug nets.


  • Ladybug Lemonade- The day before the party freeze fresh blackberries on a cookie sheet and then transfer the frozen berries into a freezer safe bag. Add red food coloring to a bowl or pitcher of lemonade. Just before serving add the frozen blackberry spots.
  • Ants on a Log- Cut up celery into sticks and spread peanut butter over the top. Press raisin “ants” into the peanut butter.
  • Butterfly Buns- Buy tubes of bake-yourself cinnamon rolls. Separate the rolls and cut in half. Press the rolls back together so that the curved parts are touching. Bake according to package directions and decorate with icing to look like butterflies.
  • Spider Sugar Cookies- Make sugar cookies and frost with white frosting. Take black gumdrops and place in the center of the cookie to make the spider’s body. Cut black licorice whips into eight tiny pieces and stick into the gumdrops for the legs.


  • A buggy birthday would not be complete without a caterpillar cake! Buy two boxes of cake mix and mix according to directions. Bake the batter in five medium-sized, oven safe bowls until a toothpick comes out clean.
  • Frost each caterpillar section a different color and decorate with Mentos. Use twisted pipe cleaners for the antennae and googly eyes and icing to create the face. Lightly press the sections together to make a caterpillar and proudly display at the party.

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