Baby Boy Names That Begin With B: Popular, Unusual, and Classic Male Name Choices

Looking for a baby boy name that begins with B? There’s quite a variety of trendy choices, like Brayden and Bryce, but also more classic and unusual choices as well. With help from the U.S. Social Security Baby Name Index, here’s a wide selection of baby boy names that start with B.

Popular & Trendy Baby Boy Names That Start With B

  • Benjamin. Since the 1980s, Old Testament names have been very popular in the United States, and Benjamin is one of the most widely used. It ranked at #27 in 2018. In Hebrew, Benjamin means “right hand son.”
  • Brandon. With its 90210 connection, this name seemed destined to die out after the 1990s. But while it’s no longer a top 10 name, it’s still popular and ranked at #27 in 2018. (Dylan’s hanging in there too.) Brandon comes from an Old English name that means “broom covered hill” (kind of like Brandon Walsh’s haircut?)
  • Bryan/Brian. A top 10 name during the 1970s, Brian is slipping down the charts, but still is popular at #72. The “Y” version, Bryan, has recently overtaken the classic spelling and now ranks at #68.
  • Brayden/Braden. It’s not as popular as Aiden and Jayden, but it’s more popular than Caden and just about tied with Hayden. In 2018, Brayden was ranked #79, and Braden was at #141. Brayden is actually a Gaelic name with an unlikely baby name meaning– “salmon.”
  • Blake. Blake sounds more trendy than it is, so if you like it, you probably don’t have to worry about a kindergarten class full of other Blakes. It only ranked at #97 in 2018 and has never been even close to the top 20. Blake comes from an Old English name that means “black.” Because it’s short and fresh, Blake is also a popular middle name.
  • Brady & Brody. Neither of these names have cracked the top 100 yet, but they’re getting close and climbing quickly. Last-names-turned-first-names are big, and apparently parents aren’t turned off by The Brady Bunch connection. Other last-name-turned-first that are climbing the charts are Braxton and Brock.
  • Bryce & Bryson. It was all about Bruce during the Baby Boom, but now Bryce and Bryson are up-and-coming names. Like Brayden, these names have an unlikely meaning– ‘dotted,’ from the Welsh.

Classic Baby Boy Names that Start With B

  • Bernard. Rarely used these days, Bernard is a commanding name with a powerful meaning– it comes from an ancient Germanic name that means “strong bear.”
  • Bertrand. Like Bernard, this strong name is rarely used in the United States. It comes from an ancient Germanic name that means “bright raven,” which implies wisdom in ancient Germanic.
  • Bradley & Brad. Around the 1970s, Brad kind of became the ultimate “guy” name, but now Brad and its longer form are falling from favor. Bradley comes from an Old English name that means “large clearing.” Brett and Brent, two other classically “guy” names, are falling down the charts as well.

Unusual Baby Boy Names That Start With B

  • Boris. The ultimate Russian name, Boris comes from a Slavic name that means “glorious battle.”
  • Byron. If you’re tired of Brian and Brayden and Brandon, here’s a similar name that’s more regal and not trendy. Byron comes from from an Old English name that means “at the barn.”
  • Boston. Slowly inching up the charts, Boston may be joining the ranks of trendy city names like Austin and Phoenix.
  • Bailey. These days, it’s much more commonly used for girls, but androgynous Bailey works for a boy too. Bailey comes from an Old English name that means “bailiff.”
  • Beau/Bo. Unique and classic, or way too Dukes of Hazard? You decide. At any rate, Beau has a great meaning– it comes from a French expression that means “handsome.”

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