Baby Name Blunders: Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing Names

Choosing a baby name can be great fun, but it’s also a serious responsibility. Parents want to make sure the name they choose doesn’t cause problems for the child later. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your baby girl or boy.

Avoid Choosing a Trendy Name Unintentionally

Name trends come and go quickly, and names that have been used infrequently for years can suddenly climb to the top of the charts. Because of this, prospective parents often fall in love with “unique” baby names– only to find that countless other parents fell in love with the name at the same time.

To avoid this problem, get a reliable ranking of popular baby names in your country and avoid names that seem to be “up and coming.” In the United States, the list to consult is the Social Security Baby Name Index, and similar information about names from other countries is available online as well. Here’s a list of list of baby girl names that are becoming trendy and baby boy names that are becoming trendy in the United States.

Avoid Problems With Initials

When choosing a first, middle, and last name for your child, be sure the initials do not spell something – a negative word or acronym. Daniel Oliver Gray is not going to be thrilled with his initials, and neither will Kristin Kay Klein. In addition, keep in mind that many women change their names when they get married, so try to avoid first and middle name combinations that might be problematic later. If Allison Susan Grant takes Jason Smith’s last name, she’s not going to buy monogrammed towels to celebrate.

Avoid Funny Sounding Name Combinations

Use common sense and avoid names that sound peculiar together. Avoid rhyming names (Terry Perry) or names that form words or phrases (Hunter Green). Say and spell out the full name to make sure the names sound pleasant in combination. In addition, keep in mind how prospective nicknames will combine with the child’s other names (like Candace Kane).

Use Misspelled Names With Caution

If your child’s name has an unusual spelling, the name will be misspelled by others frequently. However, unusual spellings of trendy and popular names have become stylish, so if you do choose an unusual spelling, the child may be in good company. Perhaps the key is the to choose a name with an unusual misspelling, but one that’s not too far from the norm. Here’s what you should know about creative baby name spellings.

Consider Nickname Possibilities

People will inevitably shorten a child’s name to a nickname, so if you hate the common nicknames, don’t choose the name. In addition, be aware of rhyming combinations and teasing potential of nicknames. A little girl named Alexis may become Sexy Lexy on the playground.

Avoid Cutesy Names

Some names sound adorable for babies but way too cute for an adult. Remember, your child will have this name for life, so give him or her a versatile name that will sound mature enough to use on a law school application. Names that come with cute nicknames can be a versatile alternative. Your Alexandra can be Allie for now, but can use her more substantial full name when she runs for president.

Avoid Names with Unpleasant Meanings

Take the time to learn the origins of a name to make sure its meaning is appropriate. You can do this by looking in baby books and by consulting websites such as For example, you may like the names Cassandra or Pandora, but with a little research you’ll learn that these names are associated with unpleasant stories in Greek mythology.

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