Birthday Gift Ideas: What Tween Boys Really Want

Shopping for a birthday gift for a tween boy can present a challenge. What do you get the boy who has outgrown action figures, but is not yet responsible enough for heavy-priced electronics? Of course, boys are gravitated to electronics, so while cell phones, digital cameras, and laptops are not entirely out of the question, lower end models and features can be acceptable. It gives them the feeling of having their own stuff, while you do not have to worry too much if it breaks.

There are plenty more choices, and some of them are listed below.

For the Avid Gamer

You cannot go wrong with a gift certificate to places like Game Stop or EB Games. You can opt for picking out a game yourself, but make sure that he does not have the game already. Nothing is more disappointing than to open a gift that you already have. Sure, it can be taken back and traded for something new, but it is way more fun to get some you don’t have.

For the Sports Nut

Sports gear and apparel is always a big hit with this age group. Finding out their favorite team is as easy as a phone call to mom or dad. They like hats and T-shirts with their favorite team’s logo, and it seems that they can never have enough. Forego the underwear and socks, though! That is just down right embarrassing. Specialty sports shops are also a great place to find team apparel. You can even find blankets, lamps, and other decorative items at these specialty shops that a tween boy would love as a welcome addition to his room.

For the Crafty Type

Science kits and models are a great way to go for this type of tween. There are lots of different brands an styles to choose from. If you know his favorite car, get a model for him to put together. If he is interested in the Solar System, buy a mobile that takes time to put together and looks like the real thing. Tweens in this category are likely getting interested in engines and how cars work. Buy an engine that really works and watch how much he learns. Crafts aren’t just girls, you know!

For the Academic Scholar

For this type of tween, give the gift that keeps on giving. A magazine subscription is a fun gift to give, and a way for this tween to learn more and more about the things that interest him. You can also opt for adding to his favorite book series, if he still needs more books to grow his collection. And, don’t forget about a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or some other book store. What is more fun than going to a store, picking out what you like best, and not having to pay for it? Can’t go wrong here!

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