Birthday Parties for Preschoolers: How to Hold the Perfect Party for Your Small Child

Start by thinking about the kind of party to throw for a child. Think carefully about what to serve, what kinds of games a child would like to play as well as how long the party should be. Two to three hours is ideal.

Once these decisions have been made think about creating fun activities for the children to play with at the party. Help children create their own murals. Start with ready made pictures. Hand out small vials of paint and a few paintbrushes. Give each child a separate space to work. Have each child sign their name to their finished creation.

Other group activities are a good idea. A basement is a fine place to hold a party for little kids. The enclosed play space will give them barriers and keep them safe. If the weather is nice consider moving the party outside to a yard or even a local park. Encourage outdoor games such as pin the tail on the donkey or twister. A piñata is also a fun touch that many children enjoy. Indoor games that children love include musical chairs and tag.

Visit a Party Store

A party store is also a great place to buy simple decorations that will create a festive atmosphere for a child. Blow up balloons and tape them to the walls. Hang a Happy Birthday banner over the staircase. Purchase crepe paper and drape it over the chairs in the dining room.

Once decisions have been made about the date, decorations, activities and time start thinking about a menu. The key here is as simple as possible. Think about what’s on a kid’s menu at a local restaurant and take inspiration from that. Pizza, chicken fingers, pasta with tomato sauce, cheeseburgers and hot dogs are very good choices. Most children will eat at least once of those items. A nice cake with ice cream is a very pleasant conclusion to the party. For something to drink consider purchasing juice boxes. Apple juice and lemonade are very popular choices.

If there are adults attending think about providing more sophisticated additional fare such as a nice pasta salad or a selection of grow up sandwiches.

Make the party fun with activities that children will love and adults will enjoy as well. Create a mural, visit a party store and serve foods that everyone can enjoy.

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