Birthday Present Ideas for a 2-Year-Old Preschooler

Toddlers and preschoolers always require new things because they are rapidly growing, changing and learning so a list of gift suggestions can not be short. Of course, it is highly recommended that the parents are consulted about any major purchase.

Toddler Birthday Gifts to Avoid

Taste in fashion is so subjective that clothes are best bought by the parents, gift vouchers can be given for clothes and shoes. Books always make great gifts but not if they are duplicating some already on the shelves.

Useful Presents for a Second Birthday

Sometime around the second birthday most toddlers will experience some big changes in their lives:

  • move from cot or crib into a bed
  • leave nappies behind for pants and knickers, use potty and toilet,
  • grow out of the traditional high chair

Useful gifts can contribute towards these milestones and should be planned after discussions with the parents:

  • a new bed, new bedding, or PJs.
  • a potty or similar, new pants or knickers.
  • a toddler dining chair such as a Tripp Trapp chair, a special place mat or new cutlery

High Value Big Birthday Gifts for Two-Year-Olds

A Tripp Trapp chair is an excellent investment because the young child will be able to sit up to the dining table with the rest of the family for meals and games. The chair is fully adjustable so youngsters are at the correct height and the chair will grow with them as long as they need it.

A two-year-old may have been sleeping in a full sized single bed for many months or may be staying in his cot which converts into a small bed. Little beds especially for young children with themes, designed as trains, cars and castles are fun and would be a great novelty gift to last for a few years. These are ideal for small bedrooms.

Choosing Toys for a Second Birthday

Toys which are for this age group, i.e. age 18 month+ and 2 years+, are likely to be a success if they are of the main brands such as Fisher Price and Vtech. Duplo by Lego, wooden jigsaw puzzles and electronic toys which play music will always be successful.

Great Toys as Gifts for a 2-Year-Old

At this age it is not necessary to worry about gender specific toys, children of both sexes will play with most things but they may have preferences. Two-year-olds like:

  • toys to push, such as strollers, shopping trolleys and wheel barrows
  • toys to ride on
  • toys which mimic home life (as they like copying what they see)

Many children of this age spend lots of time at home so they will probably enjoy play kitchens; toy vacuum clearers; toy cleaning kits including broom, dust pan and brush; and toy phones.

They may like play tools and toy laptop computers if they are familiar with the real things possibly through watching TV programmes such as Bob the Builder or Handy Mannie.

Other toy themes may be: dolls, lorries, trucks, buses, people, animals.

The Best Birthday Presents for Two-Year-Olds

To get the best second birthday present it is advisable to discuss ideas and budget with the parents. Kids can be overwhelmed by toys, useful gifts give pleasure for a long time, such as a new bed, duvet cover, a toddler chair or seat.

Toys make great presents, however, and some of the best are made by well known names such as Duplo, Vtech, Fisher Price. Toys will generally be based on familiar themes, such as the home, the car, the kitchen.

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