Celebrating Your Teen’s Birthday: Creative, Easy Gifts For Teenagers

You remember the moment they were born — so tiny, fragile, and vulnerable. And now, somehow, in a flash, the years have whizzed by in a blur of sports games, birthday parties, school photos, and the mystery of time. What are some ways you can celebrate the birthday of your sometimes-hard-to-buy-for teenager that will make her smile?

Pamper Your Teen

Just like moms do, teens love to be pampered at the spa. A cleansing facial is great for that hormonal complexion. Who doesn’t love a Swedish massage, and a manicure and pedicure would round out the prefect day of relaxation for any teen. And hey, while you’re there… you might as well pamper yourself, too!

Driving School

Is your teen ready to learn how to drive? Why not present your teen with a ‘gift certificate’ you make for driving school classes that are required in order to get her license. This is a great alternative if you can’t afford to get your teen what she really wants… a car! (This, obviously, would also make a nice gift!) Here are some safe driving tips to help get your teen on the right track.

Shopping With Your Teen

Every teen loves to shop. Some teens probably couldn’t think of a better gift than a trip to the mall. You can purchase ‘mall gift certificates’ that allow teens to shop in any store of their choice — this is a great idea when you can’t be sure what their favorite mall shop is this week! You could let your teen bring a friend, or hang out with her while she spends her birthday loot!

The Old-Fashioned Gift of Cash

Not sure what to tell aunts and uncles to get your teen? No one has ever NOT been excited to open a birthday card and have cash fall out. Teens, like everyone else, love the gift of being able to decide what their own gift will be! Encourage relatives to simply give or send money in a card. This will surely bring a smile! If your teen has a checking account, a check is a better idea if the card will be going through the mail.

Other Teen Gift Ideas

Most teens have ipods, so an itunes gift card would be a perfect gift, as would cell phone minutes, a special piece of jewelry that includes their birthstone, a magazine subscription, or a salon gift certificate to get their hair done.

Whatever way you decide to celebrate your teen’s birthday — try to spend some time with her. As you’ve learned, the years fly by, and now there aren’t too many left until she’ll be gone!

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