Craft Goodie Bags for Kids’ Birthday Parties: Take Home Art Projects for Partygoers

Send young party-goers home with a bag of inexpensive art and craft supplies. Establish a budget for each goodie bag and include the cost of the gift bag and filler when figuring costs. When purchasing items such as a bag of rhinestones or chenille stems, figure into how many goodie bags the packages will divide.

The key is to think of a theme for the goodie bag. Below are a few ideas for kits to put together that result in a usable project. Fill out the bag with crumpled or shredded tissue paper.

Painting , Drawing or Diary Goodie Bag

Look for mini colored pencils or markers and pair with a small pad of unlined paper. Add in some inexpensive stickers.

Cut up a pad of watercolor paper so each sheet becomes four smaller sheets of paper. Wrap a ribbon around six to twelve small sheets of paper. Include a watercolor palette (these come with a paintbrush).

Doorknob Hanger or Creative Crafts Bag

Fill each bag with a craft foam doorknob hanger and add in a snack-size plastic bag filled with craft foam shapes, small tubes of glitter glue, rhinestones, and other inexpensive decorations. Add in a miniature tube of glue so kids can assemble a personalized doorknob decoration when they get home.

Fill a transparent goodie bag with a few chenille stems, pompoms, feathers, colorful craft sticks, wiggly eyes, a small tube of glue, and other fun, open-ended craft supplies. The clear bag will show off the bright colors of the items and get kids thinking immediately about what they’ll create when handed the bag.

Treasure Box, Picture Frame Bag

Place rhinestones, a mini paint pot or two, foam shapes, star stickers, etc. inside a tiny wood box or paper mache box.

Include some small acrylic picture frames and add in a miniature tube or two of glitter glue, some rhinestones, and a half strip of glittery stickers. Consider pairing an acrylic frames that stand on a tabletop with a keychain frame or a miniature magnetic frame.

Mask Decorating or Jewelry Making Goodie Bag

Set a plastic half mask in a bag along with feathers, rhinestones, craft foam shapes, sequins, beads, and a mini container of glue.

Create a mix of plastic pony beads, shape beads, word or letter beads and set in a plastic bag. Include a skein of embroidery floss or enough cording to make three or four bracelets.

Instead of filling a bag with plastic toys that will be tossed, these arts and crafts goodie bags give birthday party-goers a fun and useful project that they can assemble at home.

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