Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Play Date or Party Ideas

Dr. Seuss is one of the most beloved and best-known authors of children’s books. Born March 2, 1904, Theodor Seuss Geisel is celebrated in schools across the country on his birthday. But the younger set of kids – preschoolers and toddlers – who also love Dr. Seuss’s silly rhymes and nonsense, might miss out on the celebration. Host a party or play date for children of all ages with these ideas.

Create your own Dr. Seuss character

The characters in Dr. Seuss books are no doubt funny, and often times don’t resemble people or animals at all. Let children create their own silly characters by providing a variety of items like toilet paper rolls, egg carton pieces, pom-poms, stickers and confetti, pipe cleaners, felt, google eyes, lace and ribbon, and let them build a creature. If the child is old enough, encourage him to make up a name or create a story for the character.

Make your own Cat in the Hat hats

You’ll need red and white construction paper, scissors and tape or a stapler. Follow the directions here .

Hop on Pop

Cut out a square of bubble wrap for each child. Have an adult read Hop on Pop aloud, and every time the children hear a word that rhymes with “hop” they get to pop a bubble. When the book is finished, the kids can hop on their squares to pop the remaining bubbles.

Make your own Oobleck

Oobleck (from Bartholomew and the Oobleck) is a strange substance that is both liquid and solid. Kids are fascinated by its properties, and it’s easy to make. Poor 4 cups of water into a large bowl. Add a few drops of green food coloring. Then, using your hands, mix in about 8 cups of cornstarch. Add another 1.75 cups of water and mix thoroughly. Oobleck can be separated into pieces for each child to play with.

Provide Dr. Seuss themed snacks

Some of possibilities are more obvious, such as green eggs and ham, apples or apple slices for Ten Apples Up On Top or goldfish crackers for One Fish Two Fish. Other suggestions are ice cream sundaes called Schlopp (The Thinks You Can Think) or Cat in the Hat parfaits of red and white fruit or jello. For cheese trees from Fox in Socks, use a Styrofoam cone that has cheese cubes or slices stuck into it with toothpicks.

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