How To Make Baby Photo Birth Announcements: Step-by-step guide that help you make your own baby announcements

You want to tell the world about the birth of your child! What better way to do that than with baby photo birth announcements where you can show off your little cutie and give all of the vital statistics.

So why you need to make your own birth announcements?

Baby photo birth announcements have gained popularity recently because they let you do everything all at once. They allow you to pick the picture that you like of your baby and turn it into the announcement. By creating this beautiful piece you can show off your newborn to the world, it’s become a rite of passage.

The first picture of baby can get quite expensive however so people have recently figured out how to create cheap photo birth announcements on their own. It’s rather easy to do with the evolution of digital cameras and the beauty is that you can pick the best picture and really make it look perfect from your point of view.

Here are some simple steps to help you create your own baby photo birth announcements:

First, pick a card stock that will be the backing to your baby announcement.

Going with pink or blue based on the gender of your baby is a great start. This should be a thicker stock of paper as it will make up the back of the announcement itself. You are going to print the name, birth date, length, and weight at the bottom of this card stock so be sure you leave room for that as you cut them to size. Each birth announcement should match a 4×6 picture but needs the extra room at the bottom for the baby’s information.

Once you have the card stock measured out, run it through the printer with the baby’s information printing at the bottom of each piece of card stock.

This won’t take up much room as it’s only 2-3 lines worth of information. Once printed, punch two holes on the top of the card stock as this piece will be the base for which everything is tied together with a ribbon. Be sure to determine ahead of time how many announcements you will send out so that you can get the right amount of card stock.

Then, find a picture that will serve well as the one to introduce all of your friends and family to the world. You’ve surely shot many pictures by now, so consider using one that will crop well into an announcement layout.

Cheap photo birth announcements don’t have to look that “Cheap” way.

Once you print the selected photo out on professional grade photo paper, it will look as if you had it done somewhere. If you don’t’ have a photo printer at home, then you can go to any drug store to print out your pictures there. This is still quite cost effective and either option will ensure that it looks like a professional picture.

After the pictures are printed, you will have to punch two holes in the top of it to match up with the ones on the card stock. Punch holes in one using the card stock as a guide and then use this sample to match all the other ones up with.

Find the right overlay for the announcement.

A thin and transparent material such as paper vellum makes a great overlay, as it is simply going to rest over the top of the photo for a more professional look. You can find this material at any art supply store or most super stores. Again be sure you know how many announcements you are sending so you get the right amount of paper vellum. Once measured out appropriately, you will then need to punch holes in the top of this piece as well. Again use one lined up with the card stock and photo as a guide, and then use this sample to match the others up with.

Go to a craft supply store and get some ribbon.

Again you may want to stick with the pink or blue theme here and get the appropriate amount of ribbon. This should be a thicker variety as it will be used to tie all three parts together. You will have to cut to the right length for each baby photo birth announcement.

Now it’s a matter of creating an assembly line.

First you will lay down the colored card stock with baby’s information printed at the bottom, on top of that will be the printed picture of your baby, and on top of that will be the paper vellum overlay. Once the three pieces are laying properly then you will tie a bow at the top of each announcement through the punched holes (be sure they are lined up appropriately).

Put the full baby photo birth announcement into an envelope and then send out to the entire address list that you’ve created. Have fun!

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