How to Save Money on a Child’s Birthday Party: Cut the Cost of a Kid’s Birthday Celebration

Oh what fun it is to show a child just how much he’s loved by throwing him a birthday party he’ll never forget. But if parents aren’t careful, the cost can easily get out of control. To prevent this from happening, here are some simple ways to save money on a child’s birthday party.

Use Free Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday party invitations can be costly when they’re purchased from the store. But parents can cut the cost of this expense by allowing kids to make their own invitations with craft materials they already have at home. If there is a computer printer handy, free birthday party invitations can also be printed off of websites such as, and

Bake a Homemade Birthday Cake

Young kids don’t care whether their birthday cake comes from the bakery down the street or from the oven at home – as long at it tastes good. So baking a homemade birthday cake at home is a sure way to cut the cost of a child’s birthday party. And thankfully, one doesn’t need the baking skills of Betty Crocker to make a delicious birthday cake; simply purchase cake mix and follow the directions on the box.

The grocery store provides an abundance of frostings, candles, and cake decorations to make a child’s birthday cake truly unique. If one wants to be really creative, visit the local craft store and pick up a baking pan that features a child’s favorite cartoon character.

Forgo the Birthday Clown

Most party entertainment establishments charge heartily to provide clowns for children’s parties. So parents who are looking to cut the cost of a kid’s celebration might want to forgo the clown and opt for other forms of entertainment. There are plenty of birthday party games such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and backyard scavenger hunt that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Give Free Printable Birthday Cards

If there is a printer with ink available in the home, parents can avoid buying high priced cards at the store by checking out websites that offer free printable birthday cards for kids such as, and

Make Party Decorations at Home

With a little construction paper, glitter, glue, markers, and other craft materials, parents can save a little cash by making party decorations at home. This activity can also serve as an opportunity for a family to spend some quality time together. If one’s not in the mood to make party decorations from scratch, she can visit various websites such as, and to print them for free.

Have the Birthday Party in a Free Location

The location can be one of the largest birthday party expenses parents will endure. So instead of renting a venue to celebrate a child’s birthday, host the party at a free location such as at home, at the park, or at a friend’s house.

By using free invitations and cards, baking the cake at home, making homemade decorations, nixing the clown, and hosting the celebration at a free location, parents can easily keep the cost of a child’s birthday party from getting out of hand.

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