Ladybug Picnic Birthday Party: Ideas and Activities for a Special Day

A ladybug picnic is a great way to celebrate a special birthday! Whether your “little lady” is turning one or ten a picnic is a lot of fun. Use the following ideas to help plan the perfect party!


Set the stage for your ladybug theme right from the start. Depending on your time, ability and budget you have many invitation options.

  • If price is no object check out stationary stores or party stores for custom made ladybug invites.
  • For a more personal touch that costs a little less, try a photo card with the caption, “Our sweet baby is becoming a little lady!” Take a digital photo of the “little lady” with a picnic basket or in ladybug apparel, upload it to your favorite photo site, choose a complementary background, and add your information.
  • If you have the time, homemade invitations are always a hit. For a ladybug invite trace and cut 2 ovals out of construction paper. Cut one of the ovals in half for the wings and attach to the other oval (the body) with a brass fastener. Decorate the wings with polka dots and write the party information on the body oval. Tape or glue a small round head to the top and you’re all set!


You don’t have to spend a lot on decorations for a big impact at a ladybug picnic. If the weather is warm enough to be outside consider having the party at your favorite park. If that is not an option an indoor picnic is also very enjoyable- especially in the middle of the winter!

  • For a first birthday party create a banner to hang where the guests will arrive saying, “Our Little Lady is Turning One, Come Out Back for the Birthday Fun!”
  • Buy disposable red and white checked tablecloths and place them on all of the tables.
  • Paint terra-cotta pots white and plant daisies inside. At a craft store buy wooden, painted ladybugs and glue them to the sides of the pot. Place the pots in the center of each picnic table.
  • Use picnic baskets lined with tissue paper to serve the main dishes buffet-style.
  • Buy coordinating latex balloons in plain colors to put around the picnic area and a Mylar ladybug balloon to tie to the birthday girl’s seat.
  • For cute, edible favors decorate large sugar cookies to look like ladybugs and place them in cellophane bags tied with red ribbons.


Choose your activities based on the age and ability levels of the guests. A first birthday party with a mixed age group will need different set of games than a group of three year olds. Keep each activity short and keep the kids moving from one activity to the next.

  • Buy a stuffed ladybug or paint a rock red and decorate it to look like a ladybug with a black permanent marker. Play the song “Ladybugs’ Picnic” while playing the ladybug version of the game “Hot Potato.”
  • Make ladybug head bands. Show the guests how to twist black pipe cleaners around red headbands to make antennae. Glue red pompoms on the ends and decorate the head band with sticker spots.
  • Play pin the ladybug on the leaf. Draw a large leaf on poster board and place a ladybug sticker on it. Buy enough ladybug die cuts for all of the guests. Put a piece of tape on the back of each one and have each guest take a turn sticking to the leaf blindfolded. The one closest to the sticker wins!

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