Low Cost Birthday Parties for Kids

A child’s birthday should be a fun time for all to enjoy. Hosting a party does not need to be an expensive event. There is so much competition nowadays and parents are overspending and running in the red, just for their child to have a bigger and better party than their friends.

Years from now they will not remember the expensive decorations or fancy party food. They will remember the type of cake they ate, the names of friends who came to celebrate with them and the gifts that they received.

Be Creative When Planning a Birthday Party

Children love to paint and draw. Making stationery and decorations can be a creative and fun way for the child to get involved with the planning of his party.

Use a home computer to print invitations that the child can add colour to with pens and crayons. Pinatas are great for parties and relatively easy to make using balloons and paper mache. Fill pinatas with sweets and have the child decorate them with paint and streamers.

Other things to make include:

  • A Happy Birthday banner
  • Place or name cards
  • Party hats using coloured card, pens and elastic.
  • Loot bags using brown or coloured lunch bags
  • Table cloths from sheets of plain butcher’s paper
  • Games

Party games are an important part of a child’s birthday party. Activities and games to play at the party may include:

  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical chairs
  • Pop the balloon
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Simon says
  • Freeze
  • Duck, duck, goose

Novelty items make great prizes for party games and are ideal for loots bags. Discount stores stock a range of novelty party items.

Parents Can Cater the Party Themselves

The most costly part of hosting a party is usually the food. The food table tends to be the main attraction for children. Kids love bright, colourful food. Iced biscuits and cupcakes are ideal party foods for kids.

Party food ideas on a budget include:

  • Home made cookies
  • Cocktail frankfurts
  • An assortment of sandwiches
  • Home made pizzas
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers

Diluted cordial can be frozen in plastic cups with a paddle pop stick to make colourful ice-blocks. Serve water, punch or pre-mixed bottles of cordial in place of soft drinks and sodas. Butter slices of bread and cover with sprinkles to create fairy bread. Sausage sizzles are also great for kids’ parties.

Parents may also decide to hold the party mid morning or afternoon. This way they will not need to provide a main meal. Asking guests to bring along a plate of party food is also an option. Most guests will be more than happy to do this.

Extra tables and chairs can be borrowed from neighbours and friends.

Making the birthday cake will save money also. There are many inexpensive ways to decorate a birthday cake. Using the child’s favourite toys on top of the cake is one option, while colourful sprinkles and sweets also work a treat. Just be creative.

A few balloons and streamers hanging around the party area is all that is needed to create a bright and colourful atmosphere. Together with games, birthday cake and party food the party is complete.

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