Planning a December Birthday: Strategies To Decrease Holiday Party Planning Stress

With the arrival of Christmas around the corner, planning a December birthday party can become more of a stressor than a celebration to look forward to. Keeping a few pre-planning strategies in mind will help to decrease some of the planning stress.

Book Party Locations in Advance

Waiting until December to book a hall or restaurant can result in disappointment. Larger businesses and organizations often book their own Christmas parties well in advance. Availability of such facilities decreases as company Christmas plans get underway. In some communities it can even be advisable to book as early as October or early November for a mid or late December event.

Check Holiday Event Calendar

Many businesses and schools know ahead of time when their holiday event will be taking place. A quick call to the employer or school office can help planners figure out what dates will be off limits for planning the birthday party. These dates should be marked on the calendar as soon as possible to avoid double booking or over committing.

Once the events are marked on the calendar a person can get a better idea of what days will work best for the party. The schedules of other significant guests (such as grandma from far away) can be worked around if the planning starts well enough in advance. It is important, however, to not become stressed over every single guests calendar. Do what is possible and let the rest go.

Take Advantage of Holiday Themes

Planning a birthday party for December can have some benefits. Holding the celebration in a rental facility or restaurant can be a wise choice for parties with winter themes, since these places are often pre-decorated in the spirit of the season. This can save the planner a lot of money on decorations.

For those who prefer to host the party at home, the wide array of seasonal decorations, trinkets and stocking stuffer products available in stores provide a wealth of ideas for birthday treat bags and games prizes. If winter is not the theme of choice for the party, the Christmas season is perfect for finding an abundance of hobby and other interest themed products such as the following:

  • Golfing, hockey and other sport trinkets for sport themed birthdays.
  • Craft supplies for the craft enthusiasts.
  • Any of the popular children’s themes such as Disney, Dora and other popular show themes.
  • Spa products for those who enjoy indulging in self-care and relaxation.

Prioritize Holiday Commitments

Not every holiday event can be worked around when planning a birthday party for the month of December. It is likely that there will be at least one unscheduled event that pops up at the last minute. If there are too many events to attend, pick only those that can realistically fit into the schedule, plan the party and let the rest go.

There is only so many events a person can plan and attend without becoming overwhelmed. Planning ahead will reduce the likelihood that important events will conflict with the birthday party, but not every event can be worked around. Sometimes it is necessary to graciously decline the additional invitations in order to remain stress free and in good spirits for the birthday celebrations.

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