Pregnancy Nausea Relief: Treat Prenatal Morning Sickness Naturally and Settle the Stomach

A cure for morning sickness is a fervent desire of most newly pregnant women. Pregnancy nausea and vomiting is most common in the first trimester, but can strike at any time during the pregnancy. Luckily, there are a few easy things women can do to cope with morning sickness and settle the stomach.

Prevent Morning Sickness by Avoiding Triggers

Triggers are foods and scents that make morning sickness worse and avoiding them can help prevent and cure morning sickness before it starts. Common triggers are spicy, greasy or fried foods, so these should be avoided. When moms-to-be avoid strong scents, especially things like cigarette smoke and heavy perfumes, this also can help ease pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

Foods for Pregnancy Nausea Relief

Plain, bland foods, such as crackers, pretzels and baked or mashed potatoes, are often recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester, since these foods ease nausea during pregnancy. Eating smaller, more frequent meals with protein at every meal is another way to use food to help reduce morning sickness, since this regulates blood sugar levels, which may contribute to the nausea.

Ginger is another popular morning sickness remedy and ginger lollipops specifically marketed to pregnant women are a safe, effective way to stop feeling sick. Ginger cookies or foods cooked with fresh ginger are other ways to help ease pregnancy nausea.

Vitamins can be both a help and hindrance in the battle against pregnancy nausea. Many women find that taking their daily prenatal vitamin brings on an episode of morning sickness, probably the result of high levels of iron in the supplement. Taking the vitamin with food or just before bed can help prevent this reaction. On the other hand, increasing consumption of vitamin B6 may help reduce pregnancy nausea. Foods with B6, such as banana and avocado, are better than supplements.

Psychology, Scents and the Morning Sickness Bracelet

Some moms-to-be find that altering the diet and avoiding morning sickness triggers aren’t enough. Yoga and meditation are two ways to help the body relax the diaphragm and the mind settle on something other than the stomach.

Other pregnant women swear by using scent to control the upset stomach. Smelling lemons or peppermint oil seems to bring relief to many women.

The morning sickness bracelet is another popular option for coping with pregnancy nausea. This type of bracelet works by stimulating the acupressure point P6 and is commonly used for motion sickness as well.

Sometimes morning sickness can’t be cured. The hormones the body is producing are just too much for the stomach to handle no matter how many remedies, from stocking up on bananas to wearing a morning sickness bracelet all day, the woman tries. If all else fails, remember that for most women morning sickness goes away after about week 14-16 when the placenta takes over the hormonal functions, according to the Penn Medicine Health Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Otherwise, the maximum limit for morning sickness is, of course, nine months.

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