Pregnancy Week to Week – Week 13: Finding out more as you complete the first trimester of pregnancy.

Week 13 is the official end of the FIrst Trimester. Find out more about changes with both you and your baby.

What is happening with Your Baby?

By Week 13, the baby is taking on a more human look. The baby’s eyes begin to move from the sides of the head to the front.

The baby also has many internal changes happening as well. The intestines move down from the umbilical cord to the abdomen. Also the villi in the baby’s intestines are forming which will be crucial when digestion and peristalsis begin to occur.

Even the baby’s tiny liver is beginning to produce insulin this week.

All of this occurs when this little fetus is only about an ounce in weight and about 3 inches long!

What is happening with You?

You might notice your bulge in your abdomen is more pronounced but likely no one call tell yet that your are pregnant.

Have you told friends and family yet that you are expecting? Some families decide to wait until the threat of miscarriage is much less. This may be a good time to share your news if you have not already done so.

Do you need to Eat for two? Remember that the amount of calories you eat does not need to change in the first trimester. However if you are finding that you are hungry more often, be sure to eat a healty pregnancy diet and increase your calories with nutritious foods.

To Do List:

1. Continue taking prenatal vitamins and eat a healthy diet.

2. Research prenatal tests if you are interested in having any performed.

3. Research options for a childbirth class.

4. Consider a light pregnancy exercise routine.

5. Find out about what things you should avoid.

6. Read some of the best pregnancy books.

Are you feeling better this week during pregnancy? Share it with is!.

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