Pregnancy Week to Week – Week 14: You are now entering the beginning of the second trimester.

Not everyone realizes that the second trimester begins at Week 14 and ends at Week 26. With the first trimester behind you, you can begin to enjoy a few things that you have not indulged in for the first 13 weeks. Find out what else is happening!

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby is still only about 3-4 inches long (9-11cm) and weighs between 1-2 ounces. This week, his neck begins to lengthen a bit and the fine body hair called lanugo continues to grow on other parts of his body from now until birth.

Your baby begins to urinate into the amniotic fluid and also practices “breathing” the fluid into her lungs. In this week of pregnancy, your baby can also begin to move her fingers and make a fist.

What is happening with You?

Mothers typically not only feel a relief from morning sickness, but the fatigue that plagued them in the first 13 weeks begins to ease as well. The second trimester is notorious for being the most pleasant time of pregnancy. Maybe you will even treat yourself to an cup of coffee in the morning if you have been avoiding caffeine in the first trimester.

If you have had a baby already, you will likely begin to notice little flutters of movement, also known as quickening. These are movements of the baby and may feel at first like gas bubbles in your stomach or intestines. If this is your first baby, you may not notice these movements until much later.

As you start your second trimester, the demand for calories has increased. You should be adding an additional 300 calories to your diet for the rest of your pregnancy. See additional help in computing your recommended caloric intake or recommended weight gain based on BMI.

To Do List:

Continue taking prenatal vitamins and eating a healthy diet.

Add an additional 300 calories to your diet if you have not already done so.

Continue your pregnancy reading with our recommended reading list.

Research available childbirth classes and register as soon as possible.

Begin a pregnancy exercise plan with these guidelines.

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