Surnames That Make Great Baby Names: Choosing Names for Baby Boys or Girls from Last Names

As every mom and dad learn, choosing unique names isn’t easy. What parents consider unusual in the delivery room may be the most common name in the nursery school in three years. Why do so many people hit upon the same names at the same time? Certain names must just be floating in the air, to be pulled out by unsuspecting parents whose child will be labeled MacKenzie #4 for years to come at school.

Finding the Best Baby Name in a Last Name

So what’s a parent to do when searching for the perfect baby name? Many go to the top 100 lists, either to eliminate too common names or pick something that they love, but that won’t sound too odd in school, if that’s even possible these days. Some go back to the Bible, or their family tree. There they may find a wonderful source for names – last names that can be turned into first names.

Many last names have become mainstream over the years. Kennedy, Quinn, Taylor, Reilly and Scott all started life as last names and have become popular first names. But there is a huge number of last names that could make the leap to first names, if parents thought about it. They’re not so unusual as to be considered peculiar, but they’re not going to require a child to use their middle initial for identification all the way through school.

Last Names That Make Unique Names for Baby Boys or Girls

Over the years, many names have switched from being primarily boy names to girl names, or vice versa. Shirley, for example, was once primarily a boy’s name; so were Beverly, Sidney and Vivian. Many of the last names given primarily to boys a few decades ago are now used equally for both sexes, like Cameron, Peyton and Reese. All these names and many more, could, like lots of baby names today, work well for a baby boy or a girl. This is just a small sample of interesting surnames that are waiting to be used.

  • Adair
  • Ardrey
  • Barlowe
  • Brosnan
  • Cafferty
  • Cordry
  • Dagan
  • Devlin
  • Justiss
  • Kenyon
  • Kerrrigan
  • Langan
  • Morrissey
  • Naughton
  • Raeder
  • Rommelly
  • Storey
  • Talcott
  • Tate
  • Wylie

Where to Find Interesting Surnames

Names are everywhere! Reading through the phone book is bound to supply enough last names to get people started. The internet is also a great source for surnames and their meanings. Jot down interesting names that come up.

Choosing First Names for a Baby Boy or Girl That Will Last

Names are one of the first gifts parents give their children. All parents hope their children will grow up liking their names. With a little luck, one of these last names will be the best name a child could have.

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