Sweet 16 Birthday Party Themes

Picking the right theme for a party can mean the difference between a good and great event. For a sweet sixteen party, choosing a creative theme can make this day even more special for a teenage girl.

Alice In Wonderland Theme

This party theme offers a chance to be creative and imaginative, and is tailor made for those who love Disney films. suggests choosing one of story’s scenes- the red or white queen’s castle, the chessboard or the tea party scene- and recreating it for the party.

For example, if you decided on the designing the party to like the tea party scene, decorations could include mismatched tea pots and cups on a long table. Designing the dance floor to look like a giant chessboard and placing boxes of chess on tables for guests is another option if you decide on a chessboard theme.

An Alice In Wonderland theme also offers many wardrobe options. While having the birthday girl dress up as Alice is an obvious choice, having everyone dress up as the Mad Hatter, or any other character, can be a fun alternative.

Party activities can include playing a game of life-sized chess, croquet, or hiding a stuffed cheshire cat and giving a prize to whoever finds it. Invitations can come with a playing card or teabag attached, and read with an inscription such as “don’t be late for an important date,” according to

Anything but Clothes Theme

This party theme is self-explanatory. Guests can wear anything as an outfit to this party- garbage bags, body paint, flags, curtains- as long as it’s not traditional clothing. suggests several popular outfits for this party theme. One is a flower dress. This outfit can be made by gluing artificial flowers to a bed sheet to create a toga-style dress. A pillow sheet can be used to create a sash.

An alien costume can be made using aluminum foil and wrapping it around your body until you have created a suit out of it. Add foil antennas on top of your head to complete the look. A balloon dress can be made by gluing deflated balloons to a sheet. Blow up some more balloons and glue them to dress’s outer layer to complete the ensemble. Other outfits options include newspapers, candy wrappers and baby clothes.

Black Light Party

This sweet sixteen party theme takes place in dark rooms lit only by a black light. Since this event will be in the dark, everyone should wear glow sticks. recommends putting glow sticks in white balloons to increase the amount of light.

Florescent makeup and accessories are great for this type of sweet sixteen party. Body paint, florescent nails and colorful contacts are also good attire for a black light party. Party guests can also wear white shirts or tank tops that other guests can draw on with highlighters or glow in the dark paint.

Shapes and designs can be cut out and placed on the walls for decorations, as well as glow in the dark posters. Tables can be covered with fabric so guests can draw on them with highlights or paint. In addition the walls should be covered with garbage bags if they are not dark enough.

Besides dancing, playing a game of Twister can also be a fun activity at a black light party.

Whatever theme you choose, creating a party that is unique to your birthday girl’s personality and taste is what will make her sweet sixteen a day she’ll never forget.

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