The Perfect Flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day and Birthdays

Flowers can express love and gratitude, reinforce good relationships, and possibly heal strained connections. In a telephone interview, Richard Bloom of R. Bloom’s of Lake Oswego shared advice for giving flowers to moms on Mother’s Day. “For a while, the trend in bouquets was all one type and color of a flower. But now we’re heading towards European colors that are mixed and bold with medium sized blooms.”

Small Flowers From Small Children

Adults might assist young kids in the flower selection process, but the gift should reflect the age of the child, according to Bloom. “For small kids, spring garden flowers like daffodils or tulips with a hand written note wrapped around the stems are perfect.”

Little girls can use a hair band, string, or twine to bundle the flowers. Another birthday or Mother’s Day gift idea from a child is a small basket with a bar of soap, candle, potpourri and chocolate, says Bloom.

Flowers From Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenagers can celebrate their independence by making a trip to the local coffee shop or corner grocery store to purchase a gift for mom. After consuming a Frappachino or a Big Gulp, teens can wash the cup and replace the straw with a Gerber daisy. Bloom suggests that teens also include a hand written note of appreciation with their gift.

Young adult children in college or living on their own will have a bigger budget and therefore can afford to increase their gift, according to Bloom. “An orchid stem or a cut lily could be accompanied by a box of note cards and some stamps to encourage correspondence between the mom and child,” says Bloom.

Bouquets for Difficult Moms

For the hard-to-please mom, Bloom suggests giving a flower basket that could thrive inside or outside the house. Including a variety of flowers is a safe bet for challenging moms, according to Bloom. “If you go over the top with all roses, a difficult mother may get suspicious. On the other hand, if you give only daffodils or tulips, she could complain that they were picked out of her own yard. A garden mix of plants is harder to criticize.”

Flowers for Grandmothers

Grandmothers will enjoy vivid colors and bold petals, according to Bloom. “You could go retro with African violets or use hydrangeas, geraniums or bulb plants in a hanging basket,” says Bloom. The more reasonably priced flower choices will please the older generation, who tend to be more practical in their flower preferences, according to Bloom.

Whether the bouquet is hand-picked from a garden of flowers blooming in May or are purchased from a florist like R. Bloom’s of Lake Oswego, children of all ages can put a smile on mom’s face with beautiful flowers. The perfect bouquet will send the right message of love to mom. Take extra steps to keep the flowers from wilting and consider saving Mom’s bouquet forever by making a fragrant potpourri.

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