Things to Remember Before Giving Birth Naturally

Giving birth naturally can be a wonderful experience, despite all of the horror stories that you see depicted in the movies. For instance, if you go into it with the right support system and frame of mind it doesn’t have to be the worst pain you’ve ever imagined! In fact, some women actually enjoy the process and the bond that it creates between mother and child. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind if you’re interested in giving birth naturally.

Have a Birth Plan Ready Before Labor

Creating a birth plan is a very important step that will help you remain committed to giving birth naturally – it’s always a good idea to give a copy to your OB/GYN and keep your own copy in your hospital bag. While there are many different aspects that factor into creating a birth plan, you should at least list the following items:

  • Who your birthing coach will be.
  • Procedures that you do not consent to (ex: an episiotomy).
  • Birthing positions and techniques that you intend to use.
  • Who will handle cutting the cord.
  • How you would like to see an emergency handled.

However, please keep in mind that things can and probably will happen outside of your birth plan – the idea of a birth plan is not concrete! Rather, it helps everyone involved in your natural birth stay on the same page so that you can overcome all the obstacles together.

Set Up a Support System for Your Natural Birth Plan

It is very important to set up a strong support system around you that also believes in your natural birth. There will be times that you don’t want to follow the plan that you laid out, and your chances of sticking to it are greatly improved if you have the support of a loved one or a doula next to your side to help coach you through the discomfort.

Focus on Each Contraction Individually

One of the easiest ways to follow through with giving birth naturally is to focus on one contraction at a time – stop stressing about what may or may not happen! If you’re constantly worrying yourself over potential outcomes or a preconceived notion of pain, you will only stress yourself into having a very painful birth experience that does not go the way you intended.

Some Final Words About Giving Birth Naturally

While giving birth naturally can be a wonderful experience, it isn’t always a possibility – nor is it always everyone’s cup of tea. The important thing is that you make your decisions based on what is best for your individual situation – even if your birth plan didn’t happen exactly the way you pictured it. Just try to remember that your birth was a beautiful thing regardless of whether it was natural or intervened.

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