Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Girlfriends: 5 Unforgettable Birthday Celebrations for Her and Her Friends

Instead of having the same ol’ birthday celebrations at restaurants or lounges year after year, consider these unique birthday ideas that will make a lasting impression for gals in their twenties or thirties.

Flying the Trapeze

On an old episode of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw flies the trapeze at the TSNY. Since then, there has been an upswing in the sport’s popularity. Celebrate a birthday by taking advantage of this fun and exhilarating activity. Trapeze School has locations in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington D.C. with single classes priced at $65.

For a more affordable price and those living in the Los Angeles region, Hollywood Aerial Arts offers a beginning trapeze class for only $40. Its website and location may not be as fancy, but the experience is still great. Ideally, it’s best to invite around seven friends to take the class in a group for a two-hour session. If there are more guests, they can watch while taking videos or photographs.

Dirt Biking

Get gritty and impress male friends by learning to ride off road on a motorcycle. Dirt Bike School is owned and managed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and offers classes in several locations. Classes are taught in groups of eight for a six-hour class in the hundred dollar range. Visit to find nearest locations. Girls Learn to Ride is a great resource that offers occasional clinics for all types of action sports for females including motocross, skateboarding and surfing.

Sweet Factory Hopping in Hawaii

Who doesn’t love chocolates, macadamia nuts and coffee? Plan a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii for a grand birthday celebration with a group of close friends. Hawaii is replete with beautiful landscapes and yummy factories. Arriving at the Kona Int’l Airport and booking a hotel near the ocean is the perfect setting for a tour of the Holualoa Kona Coffee Co. plantation, the Ueshima Coffee Co. and The Original Chocolate Factory where tours, tastings and samples are offered.

A two-and-a-half-hour drive east is Hilo, Hawaii where the Mauna Loa (Macadamia nut) factory is located as well as the Big Island Candies where they produce one-of-a-kind cookies, chocolates and other delicacies. It’s also worth it to visit the Dole Plantation for a grand Pineapple experience, which is on the smaller and northern islands of Hawaii in Wahiawa.

Themed Road Trip

For a bunch of girls, dressing up is always fun. Why not add it to a road trip and put on a show? Pick a favorite era, e.g., ’50s or ’80s, and go all out with wigs, hats, red lipstick, pompadour hairstyles, etc. Rent a convertible for a group of five with the top down and flaunt it (no pun intended). A road trip doesn’t have to be to a far out place. It can take place on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or any bustling urban shopping area. Make it classy and fun and be sure to snap lots of pictures.

Formal Picnic

For a peaceful and calm birthday affair, choose a nice place outdoors such as botanical gardens or lush parks and invite friends for a gourmet picnic. Put on summer dresses and bring baskets with a wine bottle, drinking glasses, cheeses, prosciuttos and the whole bit.

Select one of the unique birthday ideas above for an upcoming celebration and let it become a favorite pastime.

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