Unisex Baby Names: Names That Work for Both Boys and Girls

Unisex names are popular with parents who want a name that works well for boys or girls. Read on for tips and examples when it comes to names that work for any baby.

Reasons to Choose a Gender Neutral Name

For some people it makes it easy to pick one name they like and whether they have a boy or a girl the name will work. The decision is made and they can get baby blankets, bibs and onesies monogrammed with the name even before the baby is born.

For others, there is a sense of equality to a name that can be used for a boy or girl. They believe that giving a traditional boy or girl name is playing into the stereotypes of what a girl or boy should be in society versus their children just being the individuals they are. There is also the view that the sex of a person should be viewed as being on a continuum, with the example that there are people who are hermaphrodites. Others just like the idea of a name that is unisex while other folks just like the name and it happens to be unisex.

Popular Baby Names That Work for Boys and Girls

There are a lot of commonly known unisex names already out there. Some of them include:

Ali, Carey, Darcy, Kim, Lindsay, Pat, Robin, Terry

Last Names Often Make Great Names for Both Genders

A cool and more personal way to come up with a unisex name is to use a last name as a first name. Some women choose their maiden name to be the child’s first name or parents can use the last name of a grandparent, other relative or someone they admire be it a movie star or president. Here are some examples:

Aubrey, Blair, Cameron, Drew, Lee, Mackenzie, Taylor, Whitley

Place Names Used as Unisex Names

Place names can also make for great gender-neutral names. The baby could be named after the place where he or she is born or the place could be somewhere of significance or that is admired by the parents. Some examples of more well known unisex names that are also names of places include:

Arizona, Brooklyn, Dallas, Dakota, Paris, Phoenix, Montana, Madison

Create Unique Names That Work for Boys or Girls

Parents can also create their own original names that can work for either sex. For some tips and examples, check out Make up Your Own Baby Girl Name and Make up Your Own Baby Boy Name.

There are many great unisex names to choose from ranging from Ali to Whitley. Parents can go with a well known gender neutral name, choose one based on a place or last name or even choose to create their own unique name for their child.

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