Unusual Birthday Party Invitation ideas

Birthday announcements can be planned using humorous and creative stunts. Invite guests to a celebration event using simple methods that highlight a variety of musical and artistic talents. Here are unusual birthday party invitation ideas that can build anticipation among guests while not exceeding modest spending budgets.

Personalized Fortune Cookies

Buy fortune cookies that have personalized birthday announcements for each guests invited to the party. The “fortune” inside all cookies should include a date, time, location and related information for this celebration. Birthday party hosts can also provide a different fortune for guests on the opposite side of their invitation.

Guests can be allowed to each the fortune cookies so long as they bring the actual invitation with them to the party. Fortune cookies are birthday invitation ideas that can be sent to guests in a small gift bag that includes a variety of desserts.

Custom News Story Birthday Announcements

Make a DVD with a news program that covers details about the birthday celebration. Custom news story birthday announcements can be made by hiring a filmmaker or local video production company to produce this video as a realistic television program. Write a script for each news segment that correlates to a specific aspect of the birthday party invitation such as RSVP information, dress code requirements along with the location, time and date of this event.

Hire actors to participate in this video production as news reporters. Order duplicate DVD copies to coincide with the number of guests invited to the birthday party. List all important birthday party information and a photo that displays the guest of honor on the DVD case cover.

Singing Telegram Party Invitations

Hire a local musician or rock band to develop one customized song that will be performed in front of each guest invited to the birthday party. The lyrics to this song should contain a nice greeting and all key information about the party. Accompany the hired musicians into a recording studio to create a CD that will be delivered to guests during their singing telegram experience. The CD will help to remind guests about the upcoming birthday party, which is useful if people will be traveling out of town to attend this event.

Instruct the musicians to visit guests invited to the party, sing the song for them out loud and then deliver the CD. The event planner or guest of honor can also hire costumed actors to deliver singing birthday invitation telegrams to each guest.

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