Wearing your baby-how baby slings can make parenting easier

As a mother of four kids, my baby sling has been a godsend. It would have been impossible to tend to my kids and tend to running our household without a sling.

I bought my first sling over 7 years ago from a company called Parenting Concepts through a shop by mail catalog. I didn’t use it at first because my baby “didn’t like it.” After consulting a friend who had baby-wearing down pat, I decided to ditch that sling and get an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. The padding around the baby and on my shoulder was thicker. My friend, who also sold the slings, showed me how to make it fit to me and my baby. Virginia and I were soon in love with baby wearing. Three children and 7 years later, I am still using that same sling.

When my friend moved to another city, she asked if I would take over her local baby sling business. No one else in our town sold the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder (OTSBH) and I thought they were so great that I couldn’t help but say yes.

There are a lot of women with stories similar to mine. If wearing your baby sounds like a great idea, you will want to read more on baby-wearing and shop carefully for a good quality sling that meets your parenting needs and your pocketbook.

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