What Your Birthstone Means: Personalize Christmas Gifts With Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you intend on buying yourself a gift this Christmas or want to select something for a loved one, consider birthstone jewelry for a more personal gift. Take a look at the meaning behind your birthstone.


The January stone is the garnet. The deep red garnet is the most popular, but the stone is found in every color except blue. It is a symbol of loyalty and strength. The Tsars of Russia honored these stones and the Egyptians used them as an antidote for snakebites. Your birthstone is said to carry sincerity and happiness. Garnets are used to balance the body and promote health. It is a calming stone used to soothe the mind.


If you were born in February, your birthstone is the amethyst. Its origins lie in the myths of ancient Greece. The amethyst symbolizes deep love, sincerity and happiness. This purplish-lilac stone is said to bring wealth and humility to its wearer. Amethysts are used to strengthen the immune system and help balance the body for stress relief.


The birthstone for March is aquamarine. Legend holds that this durable stone of the sea was once the treasure of mermaids. Aquamarine symbolizes youth, health and love. The stone is said to smooth and relax the wearer. If you wear this “stone of courage” you’re said to be able to communicate with others and express feelings openly.


The April diamond is by far the most poplar of stones. Throughout the Ages, this crystal clear stone has been a symbol of true love. Today, the diamond is a symbol of innocence, purity and love of life. If you wear diamonds, you’re said to be blessed with strength and endurance. The diamond is used to strengthen the reproductive organs and the kidneys.


If your birthday is in May, you share your month with the majestic emerald. This green stone is called the stone of “truth and memory”. It symbolizes peace, hope and new beginnings. Cleopatra of Rome loved her emeralds more than other gems. Emeralds are said to promote good health and happiness, strengthen the lungs and improve poor eyesight.


The elegant pearl is the birthstone of June. This tiny, yet majestic cream to black stone has captured the hearts of brides for centuries. Pearls are symbols of faithfulness, integrity and wisdom. If your wear pearls you’re said to be modest and well refined. They are used to strengthen and protect the reproduction system. They have calming qualities and are used to treat tense emotions.


The red ruby is the birthstone of July. In India and other parts of the east, the stone is used to convey happiness and friendships. Your ruby is a symbol of everything royal, from dignity to power and passion. Legend holds that rubies protect you from the sorrow of false friendships. Rubies are used to strengthen the heart, increase circulation and improve digestion.


The peridot stone is associated with the month of August. In ancient Egypt, this greenish-brown stone was used as currency and thought to be more valuable than diamonds. It symbolizes friendship and a happy marriage. Your peridot stone will inspire your success and carry peace and good luck. The stone is used as a protection and helps the wearer understand and accept changes in life.


The sapphire of September is found in every color except red. It is a symbol of wisdom, truth and virtue. The royal blue stone is the most valuable and its symbolic meanings – faithfulness, sincerity and devotion – make it a popular choice for engagement rings. Your sapphire is believed to protect you from danger and bless you with courage and strength. Sapphires are used to calm mental strain, strengthen the bones and promote a healthy life.


The opal is the accepted birthstone of October. Its colors range from mother-of-pearl to the precious black opals. Both the Romans and the Greeks believed that opals were symbols of purity and hope. Today, the opal is known as the stone of confidence and innocence. Your opals are said to carry faithfulness and virtue. Opals are used to help the wearer see problems from all angels. They also help treat stress and anxiety.


Topaz is the birthstone of November. This golden-yellow or medium blue stone is said to protect you from harm. Its origins lie in Roman and Egyptian cultures. Topaz is a symbol of friendship and gentleness. If you wear the stone, you’re said to be recognized and show a keen sense of ingenuity. Topaz is used to treat insomnia and weariness. It stimulates blood circulation and increases appetite.


The birthstone of December is turquoise. This greenish-blue stone is found in history from the palaces of the Pharaoh’s to the Native Americans. Your “Turkish Stone” is a symbol of prosperity, hope and success. If you give or receive turquoise as a gift, it symbolizes a pledge of friendship. Turquoise is used to treat problems associated with stress and promote general healing within the body.

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